3rd Annual Fruit Tree Fundraiser

3rd Annual Northport Community Fruit Tree Fundraiser.

Once again we are having our annual fruit tree sale to raise money to purchase propane for the community garden green house.

These trees are grown in Washington state for our climate. Fruit trees are $16 each. They are bare root and dormant. They will be available for pick up as soon as we can plant...around May. We will have a Colville, Spokane drop.

Honeycrisp: Cross between a Macoun and Honeygold. Apple is mottled red with straw background and has a mildly aromatic, juicy flavor. Tree is moderately vigorous and exhibits good winter hardiness. ELMA7
Yellow Newtown (Pippin): Fruit is medium to large with a greenish-yellow hue and fine flavor. The crispness and sweet-tart taste makes it a fine dessert apple, perfect for processing or eating fresh. The tree is vigorous and spreading. EMLA111
Liberty: Produces a medium sized apple, sporting brilliant red color over yellow. Flesh is pale and juicy. A variety that is resistant to many apple diseases. EMLA7

Rainer: This popular sweet cherry variety bears golden yellow fruit blushed red. It is one of the leading commercial varieties in the U.S., producing large fruits of exceptional quality. The texture is firm and the flesh sweet and juicy. The tree is vigorous and productive. KRYMSK6
Bing: The number one commercial sweet cherry sold in North America. Fruit is dark mahogany from its glossy skin to its dense, juicy flesh. It is exceptionally large and flavorful. MAZZARD

Madison An attractive, high quality, vigorous, freestone peach. The flesh is yellow and somewhat tender. The skin color is red with gold undertones. The flower buds are hardy. Self-fruitful. Canadian Harmony: This variety is the Canadian sister of the Redhaven. The fruit is round, firm and has good texture. An attractive freestone peach, bright red in color. The tree is large, upright and cold hardy. Self-fruitful.

Tilton: An excellent variety for drying and canning. The fruit is medium to small in size. The color is golden yellow with a dark red blush. Self-fruitful, it is a good pollinator for other later blooming apricots.
Chinese: Early bearing, heavy producing variety. Fruit is of good quality, medium to large in size. Skin and flesh color are yellow to medium orange. It has good flavor and texture. Self-fruitful. Will pollinate other varieties.

Italian: One of the finer prune-plum varieties. A heavy bearer that produces large, dark purple fruit that is good for drying, canning and juicing. Freestone and partially self-fruitful.

We only have a few of these varieties this year so the ordering window will be short. Please get your requests in asap. Payments will be due in March.