Senior/Youth Meals in Northport

Let’s hope so. We have been working in conjunction with Kamiah Goodwin, Coordinator of School Lunch Program and Dr. Leroy Key, School Superintendent to restore the senior meals program to Northport. At the request of Rural Resources we have sent out a brief survey in our local water bills to see what the response from the senior community was. At this point we have received 10 responses from seniors.

It is our goal to get the funding restored through Rural Resources. The Northport Schools would prepare and deliver the meals to a set location in town. We are also researching the possibility of delivering meals to set locations for those unable to travel to Northport. For example Terri Charbonneau has graciously offered to stage at the Onion Creek Store for those in the Onion Creek Area. The location for Northport meals would either be the CE Building at the Presbyterian Church or the Community Connection Center Annex.

We are also exploring the possibility of one meal a day for the youth during summer months.

If you know anyone who might be interested in participating in the senior meals or who would like to volunteer, please contact either Kamiah Goodwin at the school 732-4430, Nina Grobben 675-5073, Sandi Everson 732-8847 or Connie Long 732-4128. Let’s work together to make this happen!